“Like the four musketeers, except we’re fighting for your business!

P.S. We’re using keyboards instead of swords.”


This is a rather broad question, so we’ll assume you mean our company. 2xStudio is the umbrella underneath our team came together.


Good question! Because we are a team of four young like-minded individuals who seek to develop and implement innovative and creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.


We’re based in Bucharest, Romania, however that didn’t stop us to collaborate with businesses from other parts of the world.


We believe that, in this day and age, traditional business models and mindsets are no longer an effective tool to navigate the current economical realities of the world. In order to future proof your dream, we must first embrace the situation of the present world.

With the rise of affordable technology, both software and hardware, as well as new social constructs, we believe this to be the perfect time to join in and help businesses develop strategies that are future oriented.

Care to learn more about us? Take a look of our projects or drop us a line at [email protected] or here.